Hudl Technique: Slow Motion Video Analysis, Formerly Ubersense Coach

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Hudl Technique: Slow Motion Video Analysis, Formerly Ubersense Coachの使い方

Record. Analyze. Improve.
More than 1 million athletes and coaches use Ubersense to improve at sports: Analyze your tennis serve, compare your pitching motion side-by-side to a PRO or break down basketball shooting technique frame-by-frame; Ubersense is used in more than 30 different sports. Download the FREE app and start improving today.

* Record HD video up to 120 FPS (if supported by device).
* Import video from camera roll, email or apps such as Dropbox.
* Download reference videos from the Ubersense community.
* Organize and browse your videos by technique and athlete.
* Use Favorites for easy access to frequently used videos.

* Playback in multiple slow motion speeds and frame-by-frame.
* Zoom and pan videos for access to every detail.
* Use drawing tools to measure or highlight form.
* Compare videos either stacked or side-by-side.
* Synchronize side-by-side videos comparisons.

* Create video reviews using stand-alone or side-by-side videos.
* Add drawings and audio commentary to reviews.
* Track and compare athlete progress over time.
* Use Airplay to connect to a big-screen for group settings.

* Share with friends or coaches directly from the app.
* Post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Dropbox.
* Upload shared videos in background while continue using app.
* Export to camera roll and 3rd party apps.

* Watch and download drills from coaches.
* Use library of PRO videos to compare techniques.
* Browse coach profiles and engage with them in Ubersense or on Twitter.
* Create your own profile to be discovered by others in the community.
* View videos shared by other members and give encouragement.
* Share your own video to get peer feedback.

* Create and manage your team or clients.
* Import contacts from your address book or Facebook.
* Organize your videos and reviews by team member or client.

? "This software allows us to post video that our athletes can watch and learn from, regardless of where in the world they are training."
? Tuffy Latour, USA Skeleton National Team Head Coach

? "As a running coach, Ubersense has been an important tool for demonstrating how to improve technique and efficiency. I use the software to record and analyze gait, stride, and bounce, and wouldn't be able to correct high speed motions without it."
? Jason Zagami, USA Track & Field Distance Coach

? "Ubersense is an exceptional app! It is an invaluable tool in our performance lab for assessing body mechanics and postural alignment for our athletes."
? Tom Scotto, USA Cycling Elite Level Coach

? "This is a great app for me. I use it to show my high school hurdles where they have errors in their technique and we have used it to help several kids improve their technique"
? Bob Dahl, High School Track Coach


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